What are the benefits of glutathione?

Glutathione Current White values ​​are becoming very popular. As a result, glutathione is becoming very popular because having white, bright skin is good for enhancing confidence for people of all genders and ages. a lot In order to meet such needs, 1

Glutathione is an antioxidant. which is created and used the most in the body It is an antioxidant that protects our eyesight. Help turn the starch accumulated in the body into energy. and prevent the accumulation of fat, which can lead to heart disease

Glutathione protects every cell of the body. But when I get older Glutathione Dosage in the body is reduced or being produced more slowly and in smaller quantities When people enter the age of 20 years, the amount of glutathione in the body is reduced on average 8-12% per 10 years, but if the body is consuming too much drugs or chemicals. The amount of glutathione decreases in the body is faster than expected. causing the body to deteriorate faster than age and diseases easily intervene3

Glutathione is a protein composed of three important amino acids: Cysteine, glycin (Glycine) and glutamate (Glutamate) that the body can synthesize itself serves to protect organ tissues in the body

Properties of Glutathione

  1. Antioxidation Glutathione is converted to the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, an antioxidant substance that can help the degeneration of cells in the body.
  2. Detoxification Glutathione helps to produce enzymes, especially glutathiones-transferse in the liver, helping to remove toxins from the body.
  3. Immune Enhancer Glutathione increases the elimination of foreign matter and pathogens of neutrophilis and also increases the functioning of the immune system. Make the body more immune and stimulate the activity of many enzymes to help the body resist foreign substances including repairing DNA, building proteins and prostaglandin2

Glutathione and the mechanism of skin pigmentation

Distributed in the pigment layer in the skin. Protect the skin from UV rays from the sun by absorbing UV rays and converting energy into heat. Melanin is produced From the amino acid named Tyrosine (Tyrosine), there are generally 2 types, namely Eumelanin and Pheomelanin by the amount of pigment distributed in the skin. There will be more or less a genetic trait where melanin is more common in dark skinned people. in which most live The equatorial region has a high UV intensity, while pheomelanin is found in whites who are exposed to UV radiation. Less than glutathione that enters the body will act to stimulate the amino acid tyrosine to transform into Pheomelanin in larger quantities, or it may be said in one word that glutathione will change the pigment eumelanin. to become phenomelanin which resulted in the exposure of with a lighter skin tone2


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