Tips to boost your brain power

from social conditions that are more competitive There are many factors around that influence on life. therefore resulting in stress But when our lives have to go on every day, causing stress to accumulate more and more, resulting in “brain fog syndrome”, the function of the brain in the memory area will decrease. Symptoms include blurred vision, feeling lightheaded, dizzy, getting harder, insomnia, more frequent and chronic headaches, blurred vision, worse short-term memory, forgetfulness, and easier irritability. If left untreated, there is a risk of early dementia. Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease

“Brain fatigue” is a condition that occurs in the brain. It is the result of stress accumulated from long periods of intense use of the brain. partly due to the behavior of daily life Little rest, staying up late, working late at night Accelerating the completion of work on time or even using a computer for a long time, these behaviors stimulate chemicals in the brain. also known as neurotransmitters That serves to connect information between neurons that work is reduced and out of balance. Therefore, the brain is working less and the symptoms are different as mentioned above. Today, we would like to introduce a good natural helper that is safe for the body as a supplement. and increase brain power like “Ginkgo”

Ginkgo” (Ginkgo biloba L.) or “Ginkgo Biloba Extract”, a green leafy plant with Many features There are important substances such as Terpinoidal compounds include bilobalides, diterpenes, lactones, five types of lactones, ginkgolides, and flavones. Flavonoids make extracts from ginkgo leaves. There are many important properties that are not just to increase the energy and nourish the brain. But it can also help restore the body’s internal systems to work more efficiently. Until it has been accepted and in some countries, ginkgo has been declared as a drug that modern medicine has prescribed to treat. In addition, the pharmacological activity of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract has been studied for many therapeutic effects such as

  • Antioxidant activity A study on the antioxidant activity of Ginkgo biloba extract found that it can reduce the amount of free radical production, prevent LDL from stress Protect red blood cells from EGB-761, a substance that destroys nerve cells. And also protect the retina (Retina) from the degeneration of nerve cells.
  • Cerebral blood flow increase effect Those who received ginkgo leaf extract at a dose of 120-300 mg/person/day for 4-12 weeks had an increased effect on blood supply to the brain. Symptoms of inadequate hematopoietic symptoms improved within 4 weeks, and after 12 weeks of continuous treatment, there was a marked improvement in symptoms compared to the placebo group. And from a study with 90 patients with cerebral insufficiency who were given 150 mg/day of ginkgo leaf extract for 12 weeks, it was found that the patients had better memory. The duration of the willingness to work increases. the ability to perform various tasks that require adjustment and faster decision making.
  • Memory enhancement effect In a study of the memory enhancement effect in 18 elderly patients with age-related memory impairment, it was found that when patients took ginkgo leaf extract at a dose of 320 mg/person, it improved their memory.

In addition, there are many other studies such as Studies on the stimulating effect of the circulatory system The study of the effect of increasing learning ability and the study of visual enhancement effects, etc., were effective in the same direction. is that there is an additional statistically significant improvement. In addition, extracts from ginkgo leaves also contain important substances such as Asiaticocide (Asiaticoside), Asiatic Acid (Aisatic Acid) and Blaminoside. (Brahimnoside) that helps to inhibit the creation of substances that destroy brain cells. Reduce the stress of the brain from hard work. And help increase the ability of the brain to work as well.

Rejuvenation of the brain by adjusting the diet exercise Or behavior modification may not be enough to heal and rehabilitate. due to external things, whether Magnetic waves from computers and phones interfere with neurotransmitters. Stress that we do not know ourselves, sleep late, sleep is not enough. lack of exercise that reduce the blood supply to the brain The body is not getting enough nutrients. and the body getting toxins from pollution chemicals from food or contaminants contaminated with the air All of these have effects on the brain that are difficult to avoid. The addition of a helper to increase brain power is very important for a good quality of life in the long run.

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