Skin care

Skin Care

We can nourish our skin in many ways. Both from the outside and from the inside, applying various nourishing creams. like sunscreen Lotion or serum is already nourishing the skin from the outside. Eating nutrients that nourish the skin and make it healthy from within is another way to go along with it. But let’s first look at why we need to nourish the skin.

Cause of dry skin

1.Ultraviolet rays from sunlight can cause premature skin aging. Because sunlight destroys collagen, a tissue that coordinates skin cells together. And the elastin fibers in the skin become thicker when exposed to too much sunlight.

2. Dry air such as winter. The humidity in the air is lower, causing dry, rough skin. The skin is dry, cracked and moisture is pulled from the skin, the cold air constricts the blood vessels. Poor blood supply to the various parts of the body, hot water can also dry out the skin.

3.Pollution in the air Dust, exhaust fumes, food fumes, etc. will leave residues on the skin, causing the skin to deteriorate and look dull. Normally, cell membranes are the body’s main defenses and are responsible for determining what substances should or should not be introduced into the body. Deteriorated skin causes more free radicals to enter the body.

4.Stress causes the release of stress hormones and fluctuations in body functions in many systems. Including the excretion of waste, toxins and easily deteriorate the skin.

5.Difference factor Such as smoking, drug abuse, residues in the body, preservatives, antifungal agents, caffeinated beverages, computer screen light. All of them are factors that cause damage to the skin.

Nutrients for skin care

  1. Vitamin C and Glutathione Helps to slow down wrinkles. reduce inflammation of the skin Helps inhibit the occurrence of tyrosinase enzymes that produce melanin. Reduces acne scars and dark spots and also stimulates the creation of collagen in the body Makes the skin look smoother and brighter. In addition, glutathione helps to brighten the skin. Because it helps to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase as well. It also helps protect collagen from sun damage.
  2. Vitamins E Reduce wrinkles Vitamin E catalyzes the production of collagen and protein fibers in the skin, causing the skin to bounce. Look plump and wrinkles look faded. It also helps exfoliate skin cells from the outside. slow down the deterioration of skin cells Suitable for people who are exposed to various pollution regularly.
  3. Collagen Moisturizing elasticity to the skin Collagenis a type of protein formed by the combination of amino acids suitable for people with dry, rough skin, wrinkles and skin that is not firm. Acts to increase the elasticity of the skin, making the skin more firm. Reduce the occurrence of wrinkles as well as to stimulate the creation of ceramides to help the skin become more hydrated and smooth.
  4. Vitamin A (Vitamin A) helps prevent skin aging. Repair damaged skin healthy skin It is also important for the growth process of the facial skin to function normally as well. But it should be taken in moderation, or about 3 milligrams, because too much can be harmful and make the skin rough.
  5. Carotenoids (Carotenoids) The body must convert it into vitamin A before it can be used. The best known carotenoid is beta-carotene, which is found in green leafy vegetables and in orange fruits and vegetables.
  6. Vitamin B complex nourishes the skin. smooth the skin Helps repair damaged skin and skin tone by Vitamin B 1 will help to exfoliate skin more effectively, Vitamin B2 will nourish the skin, Vitamin B 5 Anti-stress and dull skin, Biotin helps to build collagen, amino acids and fatty acids, prevents dry, dull skin. li>
  7. Vitamin D (Vitamin D) Promotes skin to breathe better. The skin looks bright and radiant. anti-stress and reduce some skin diseases It is enough for the body to receive vitamin D from the soft sunlight for 15 minutes a day.
  8. Zinc (Zinc) helps repair damaged collagen. promote cell growth Make antioxidant vitamins work better. Help slow down aging and prevent dry and rough skin
  9. Chromium (Chromium) helps resist skin infections. heals body tissues make the wound heal faster prevent scars and help regulate the function of the sebaceous glands under the skin.
  10. Selenium (Selenium) works with an antioxidant vitamin A. It is a component of glutathione. peroxidase which is an enzyme that protects cells from damaging free radicals
  11. Coenzyme Q10 (Coenzyme Q10) protects against free radicals caused by UV rays
  12. Alpha Lipoic Acid (Alpha Lipoic Acid) helps to build and repair skin collagen. Improves the efficiency of vitamin C and E.
  13. Grape Seed Extract (OPC) is a highly effective antioxidant. It has properties to increase the strength of collagen and elastin tissue.
  14. Lycopene (Lycopene) is a substance found in tomatoes. Helps to eliminate the creation of free radicals to be ineffective. until unable to destroy skin cells
  15. Lutein & Zeaxanthin (Lutein & Zeaxanthin) are substances that help prevent age-related macular degeneration. prevent cancer and prevent atherosclerosis
  16. Astaxanthin (Astaxanthin) has antioxidant activity 10 times higher than beta-carotene, can penetrate into the brain and act as an antioxidant in the brain well< /li>

good living for good health

In addition to nourishing the skin outside, inside, the health of the body must also be good.

  • Eat food from 5 food groups, be careful about fasting. Avoid things that hurt your skin. As mentioned above
  • Drink lots of water, refrain from coffee, all drugs
  • Exercise regularly. Get enough sleep
  • Consult a doctor, pharmacist or attend a beauty course


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