Package to relax muscles

muscle relaxant

Package to relax muscles


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muscle relaxant
muscle relaxant

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1. Sesame : A seed that should not be overlooked – from AM pro Health

White sesame is a plant that is very healthy. because it is rich in high nutritional value It was found that white sesame seeds have important nutritional values ​​such as energy 697 kilocalories, 3.0 grams of water, 26.1 grams of protein, 64.2 grams of fat, 64.2 grams of carbohydrates and 90 milligrams of calcium. These nutrients are all good for the health of the body. benefits of white sesame White sesame seeds are often used for cooking. Used as an ingredient in desserts. And white sesame seeds are rich in useful nutrients. Therefore, it is used in health and beauty.

The benefits of white sesame are diverse, including:

1. White sesame seeds are rich in calcium and phosphorus. which is a nutrient that helps nourish bones and teeth The nutritional information states that White sesame seeds contain 6 times more calcium than cow’s milk and 20 times more than many vegetables. Eating white sesame regularly reduces the risk of osteoporosis. It also helps to strengthen bones and teeth as well.

2. Sesame oil derived from white sesame helps relax muscles. Helps balance the hormonal system relieve pain Reduce joint pain and prevent beriberi

3. White sesame seeds contain proteins that help nourish hair. Thus helping to restore dry and frizzy hair to come back alive. help me to have black hair And helps reduce split ends as well.

4. White sesame seeds contain vitamin E. which helps maintain the youthfulness of the skin Vitamin E will stimulate the production of collagen within the body. Helps reduce wrinkles and deep grooves and help nourish the skin to be moist, not dry

5. White sesame seeds contain B vitamins. which helps nourish the nervous system make the nervous system work better and also reduce stress on the brain thus helping to sleep well

6. White sesame oil contains quite a lot of oil, popularly extracted as sesame oil. In the extraction process, it will get good unsaturated fats, both omega 3 and omega 6, which can reduce cholesterol and fat that sticks in the blood vessels. This can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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2. The benefits of flaxseed oil for the female body

The benefits of flaxseed oil for women are obvious. Because women after menopause tend to There are many different diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to eat this product. Can be used in cooking such as salad dressing in the form of pure oil or in the form of pills such as capsules If a woman over the age of 30 consumes flaxseed oil daily, she can prevent various hormonal diseases, the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, and improve the condition of the skin and complexion.



3.แมกนีเซียม จากเวบหมอมวลชน

Magnesium is the most important mineral in the body, being found in cells second only to potassium. (But potassium is usually enough in the diet.)

Plants also have magnesium. It is a structural component of the central molecular structure of chlorophyll. It is like the core of plant life. where magnesium is the center of the chlorophyll’s porphyrin ring. Like iron is the center of the porphyrin ring. of hemoglobin in humans

Total amount of magnesium In the normal body, it is about 20 grams, or more than 10 times the iron, but 5 times lighter.

But we cannot detect magnesium deficiency because 60% is in the bones along with calcium and phosphate, etc., 39% is in cells and the remaining 1% is in the bloodstream, leading to a lack of awareness. In this important mineral supplies go

Three-quarters of all chemical reactions in the body, or over 300 chemical reactions. Magnesium is required as a catalyst or cofactor, especially for the production of ATP energy and ATPase protease. Magnesium is like engine oil (meaning the mitochondria of the cell) to work in tandem with CoQ10. which is like a mechanic who sparks…

relaxation of muscle cells Must rely on and use magnesium wastes, which if magnesium deficiency. The contractile cells may linger in the contractile position. because I can’t relax If it is with the heart muscle, the result is that the heart stops beating in the contraction position (Cardiac contraction)… die !

when the body or cells that require magnesium to function but not enough It pulls magnesium out of the bone. To be used for urgent tasks first. As a result, only calcium and phosphate are left. clinging to the bone Make it not strong (Magnesium is a strengthening agent, such as car alloy wheels. which is light but very hard) Therefore, in case of lack of magnesium, the resulting bone is osteoporosis or brittle, with a slight impact, it is easy to break. As we see older people, fractures, especially in the neck, femur

The normal daily intake of magnesium is 6 mg per kg of body weight in a ratio of 1:2 magnesium to calcium, or if intake = 1:1. no serious harm (Except for those with kidney failure or suicide intentionally), but if they get a lot of calcium with a lack of magnesium together. There will be many negative effects, such as the formation of calcification of various organs called Calcification, such as kidney stones, heart valves with calcium islands. not close completely The heart will swell due to hard work. Island in the blood vessels, resulting in hardened arteries, narrowing, high blood pressure.

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