Package Nourish rheumatism and bones

Package recover bone

Package Nourish rheumatism and bones


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Package recover bone

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1.Tips… Strengthen your knees with Bone and Joint from Phyathai Hospital.

        When there is a problem with osteoarthritis I believe that most people will try to find something that helps nourish the joints that are useful that are not medicines, but the problem is I don’t know vitamins Which supplements are really good for knee joints? vitamins to buy to help strengthen Is there a comprehensive rehabilitation for the problem part in the knee joint? How many types to buy How much do you need to eat to be enough each day? And will there be any residues on the body or not? But these questions will be gone…because Anti-Aging Medicine Center Phyathai 2 Hospital has developed a bone and joint vitamin formula that has been researched and proven to help restore health. bone joint skin repair that selects various benefits Come to take care of every component of joints and bones in the body…not just the knee joints. But it’s called deep down to the cellular level of the bone (all over the body) ever.

        Bone and Joint consists of outstanding features:

Collagen Type II (Collagen Type II) is extracted from chicken cartilage as a constituent. It plays an important role in reducing the rate of cartilage degeneration in the joints by having an important substance, epitopes, which is the key to stopping the destruction of cartilage. Which can not be found in Hydrolyzed Collagen (Hydrolyzed Collagen) in general. Research reports that it can help reduce the destruction of collagen. anti-inflammatory and help make joint movement better improve the quality of life of patients with osteoarthritis

Vitamin D3 plays an important role in maintaining healthy bones and teeth, and the vitamin D3 we use is unique. It is the type that the body does not need to be replaced by the liver and kidneys. Just like vitamin D in general.

Chondroitin (Chondroitin SCP) strengthens the cartilage tissue around the joints. It plays an important role in stimulating the regeneration of cartilage. Create water balance in the joints And helps the joint area have good flexibility when moving.



2.Black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds and health benefits

Black sesame and white sesame seeds are the seeds of one plant that are rich in oil. and also a source of protein antioxidant and a variety of vitamins With many nutrients and valuables, it is believed that black sesame and white sesame seeds have medicinal properties.

Nutritional Benefits of Black Sesame and White Sesame

Rickets in children One study examined whether adding certain foods could help children with calcium-deficient rickets get more calcium. All of the volunteers were 41 children under 10 years of age. They ate additional food from 5 types of rice: 1 g of limestone per 1 kg of rice, bony fish instead of large fish, 5 g of sesame seed meal, 100 g of vegetable leaves, or 100 milk. The results showed that these diets did not greatly improve the symptoms of the disease, but only improved. Researchers suggest that additional intake of these foods may be a cost-effective and long-term treatment option. However, the benefits of sesame and such foods for rickets are still unclear. If you want to try eating it, you should follow it properly.

Osteoarthritis Poppy is believed to be an adjunct treatment option for this disease. The scientific study involved 50 patients with osteoarthritis. All were divided into 2 equal groups. The first group received standard treatment. The other group was given 40 grams of sesame seeds daily for 2 months, along with medication. The results indicated that the symptoms of sesame-eating osteoarthritis were improved in patients with osteoarthritis. However, the combination of sesame for this disease is not recommended as a standard because there is too little scientific evidence.

Arthritis One study on the efficacy of sesame oil in relieving symptoms of arthritis found that taking 1 mg of sesame oil per kg of body weight daily for 28 days was beneficial in reducing the formation of free radicals. and chemicals that cause inflammation in the patient’s body It also increases the relaxation of the aorta. and tends to reduce swelling of the back foot These benefits are beneficial for the patient himself. Whether black sesame seeds can actually be used to treat arthritis patients will have to wait for more accurate results in future studies.

From งาดำ งาขาว กับประโยชน์ทางสุขภาพ – พบแพทย์ (งาดำ-งาขาว-กับประโยชน์ทา