Package to control fat levels and pressure

Package blood fat pressure

Package to control fat levels and pressure


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Package blood fat pressure

Package blood fat pressure

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1.Fish oil benefits from fish oil benefits – Bangkok Health Research Center

Fish oil benefits

1. Reduce the level of triglycerides in the blood. and increase the level of HDL cholesterol which is good fat Fish oil can quickly lower triglyceride levels. And it’s more effective than corn oil and safflower oil. Men with high blood triglycerides When fed about 18 ounces of fish per day for 3 months, triglyceride levels decreased and HDL cholesterol increased. 

2. Prevent cardiovascular disease by reducing the adhesion of platelets The blood does not clot. The blood flows better. reduce the viscosity of the walls of blood vessels makes the walls of blood vessels flexible

3. lower blood pressure According to one study, a diet containing 2.2 grams of EPA per day of halibut or mackerel can reduce systolic blood pressure in people with hereditary blood pressure disorder with triglyceride levels. and high blood cholesterol and cause heart disease at a young age Foods containing halibut or mackerel It also reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood for 3 months, after which the level rises again. in people with moderately high blood pressure It was found that diets with halibut or mackerel reduced systolic blood pressure by nearly 10 percent. Blood sodium levels were reduced. and renin, a hormone made in the kidneys that has a profound effect on blood pressure. It works up to 64 percent. Studies in patients with mild hypertension. By taking fish oil capsules for 6 weeks, there was a significant reduction in systolic or systolic pressure.

4. Relieve inflammation, pain, swelling of rheumatoid arthritis pain.

5. Nourish the nervous system and brain Increased memory and learning ability

6. Reduce inflammation of psoriasis or eczema.