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Men’s Health Package


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Package Man Health
Package Man Health

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1.Cordyceps Emperor of Tonic from Bangkok Hospital

” Cordyceps ” or Thai people call it “grass worm”, so the question whether cordyceps is a plant or an animal.. must be answered that it is both a plant and an animal. But it is classified as “herbal” itself. “Cymphony” has been registered as a drug since 1964. It has immune-boosting properties. Stimulates the activity of white blood cells, killer units (Natural Killer Cell) that are effective in killing viruses and cancer cells. improve immunity maintain kidney function Reduces blood sugar levels, increases oxygen in the blood circulation. Make good stamina, not tired, resist fatigue And increase the performance of the body and exercise Helps to fight free radicals and helps to enhance sexual performance until it is the origin of the name “Viagra of the Himalayas” ..

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2.Tomatoes…can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, really? from Paolo Hospital

In all studies it was found that “tomato” is a red fruit that is high in antioxidants. and also contains lycopene (Lycopene) in very high amounts as well Lycopene is often found in red, orange, and yellow fruits and vegetables and is a substance that helps heal normal cell injuries in the body. There is a chance that those normal cells will turn into cancer cells in the future. And lycopene is also a substance that helps to counteract the function of testosterone. The culprit that may grow or damaged into prostate cancer cells This, in turn, confirms that regular consumption of tomatoes is likely to help prevent and reduce the spread of prostate cancer.

From Articleบทความ-ทางเดินปัสสาวะ-โรคนิ่ว-โรคไต/มะเขือเทศ…ลดความเสี่ยงมะเร็งต่อมลูกหมากได้-จริงหรือ-


3. Benefits of sync from

1. Help strengthen the growth of the body.

2. It is an important part of the production of protein and collagen.

3. Zinc is necessary for the formation of DNA.

4. Help strengthen the body’s immune system.

5. Zinc is a component of many important enzymes. including antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase (SOD).

6.The benefits of zinc help in the functioning of the brain improves mental alertness

7. Zinc works with the enzyme lactase and malate dehydrogenase. which allows the body to use it in the process of generating energy

8. Zinc works with the enzyme alkaline phosphatase. which helps in the process of building bones and teeth

9. Helps in treating acne Relieve inflammation of acne By going to maintain the balance of fat content in the skin. Helps control acne problems due to clogging of sebum.

10. Benefits of sync improves sexual sensations in men It also helps prevent and treat infertility.

11. Helps the prostate function normally. And it is important for the growth of the reproductive organs.

12. It can help prevent and treat hair loss.

13. Helps prevent breast cancer Esophageal and bronchial cancer

14. Help prevent prostate and prostate cancer.

15. The benefits of zinc Contributes to reducing the accumulation of cholesterol.

16. Reduce the duration of illness and relieve symptoms of colds.

17. Helps maintain the perception of taste, smell and sight

18. Help in the treatment of mentally ill or schizophrenic patients.

19. Helps to treat infertility

20. Help get rid of white spots on fingernails.

21. Help accelerate the healing of wounds, both internally and externally.

22. Helps reduce inflammation and treat rheumatoid arthritis

23. Help control the contraction of the muscles in the body.

24. It is important for the stability of the blood. Helps regulate the acid-base balance in the body

25. Zinc is part of the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme. which serves to eliminate alcohol