Eye care package

Package eye care

Eye care package


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Package eye care
Package eye care

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1.Blue light, the danger of the era where life is addicted to the screen !!! จาก THPHerbal.com

     Bilberry It is a blue-purple fruit. the same family as all berries And the researcher Michael T. Murray (Michael T. Murray) has said that the substance. anthocyanosides (Anthocyanosides), blue or purple substances found in bilberries. An important feature is antioxidants that play a role in the eyes. Affects retinal epithelial cells in vision. and reduce eye fatigue Helps prevent cataracts and prevent macular degeneration It also helps strengthen collagen in eye capillaries and connect tissues better. Reduce dry eyes, eye fatigue and help relieve night blindness. Improves visibility in dim conditions Regulates the function of the retina, prevents light blindness. and invisibility during the day

     Lutein It is a nutrient in a group called xanthophylls. (xanthophylls) look like a yellow substance. in the carotenoid class (Carotenoids) are nutrients that help slow down the degeneration of the retina. Inside the retina is a small groove that contains cells that receive images from the retina. is the point where the light hits and make it possible to see a clear picture each day which in this area will find a lot of lutein It is found in the tissue layer that nourishes the nerves. which is a very important point to see If the area deteriorates or loss of duty It can cause vision loss or blindness.

    Lutein plays an important role in filtering color light. It is an antioxidant in the eyes. It is also important to protect the retina. Lutein works in conjunction with DHA and AA fatty acids to help improve children’s visual development.

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2. !!”Astaxanthin is the ultimate antioxidant. eye and skin care !!

        besides astaxanthin (Astaxanthin) plays a strong antioxidant role. And it’s great It has antioxidant capacity that is 6,000 times stronger than normal vitamin C, 800 times Co Q10, 550 times vitamin E, 550 times green tea catechins, 75 times Alpha lipoic acid (ALA), 40 times beta carotene and Grape seed extract 17 times, plus many important properties such as

     1. Reduce inflammation in the body and strengthen the immune system.

     2. Helps prevent dry eyes Eye fatigue, reduce eye pain Helps reduce vision problems Improves blood flow to the eyes, protects and restores macular degeneration. which is more common in the elderly and diabetic patients Helps protect eyes from ultra-violet rays.

     3. Protects skin structure from being damaged by sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Helps tighten pores reduce wrinkles restore moisture and youthfulness

     4. It enhances the function of neurotransmitters in the brain, increasing memory. and reduce forgetfulness 

     5. Lowers blood pressure levels, increases blood flow in capillaries. Help control blood fat levels to be within normal limits.

     6. Helps increase the strength of the muscles in the body

     7. Prevents heart disease by preventing inflammation in the blood vessels. Which medically indicates that it is the main cause of heart disease today.

    With many properties that are different from other antioxidants, astaxanthin (Astaxanthin) is famous with many researches. It is regarded as a highly effective and safe antioxidant with no side effects.

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