Pomegranate extract can really make your skin white and bright and look anti-aging?

Childhood memories of many people in the family Wait to drink fruit juices that are high in vitamin C. Do you know that the things that you drink are high in vitamins or not, and it makes our bodies have something better?

Pomegranate, a bright red fruit, is full of useful nutrients. It is also full of antioxidants, vitamin E and vitamin C in high amounts, which are very beneficial to the skin.

Effect on melanin pigment formation
Pomegranate extract has the effect of inhibiting the formation of melanin pigment From the experiment to allagic acid, which is Pomegranate extract In brown guinea rats exposed to ultraviolet light, it was found that the substance inhibited the melanin formation in the skin, and the oil from the seeds and pomegranate extract also had a stimulating effect on the production of melanin in the skin. And inhibit the destruction of collagen, which affects the creation of skin cells. Pomegranate extract can also inhibit the generation of free radicals. In ultraviolet A and B radiation and found that pomegranate extract with lagic acid will help. Can inhibit skin darkening caused by ultraviolet rays in mice and prevent skin damage from ultraviolet A 1

Pomegranate is a fruit that helps nourish the skin as well, helps to slow down premature wrinkles and can prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet A and B rays that can lead to skin cancer.

Antioxidant activity
Pomegranate is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants such as allagetannins, flavonoids and polyphenols, etc. Pomegranates contain antioxidants to protect them from harm. from environmental pollution competence analysis study included in the antioxidant found that pomegranate peel is the source of many important antioxidants and found to be effective The antioxidant activity was higher than pomegranate leaf and seed extract 2-3. The efficacy of the antioxidant activity of fruit juice Many species in the United States found that pomegranate juice has anti- The highest free radicals4-6 The antioxidants in pomegranate can also help maintain liver function. rats before giving carbonate chloride (CCl4), which is toxic to the liver. found that the rats that received pomegranate extract There is a real protection against liver toxicity7, so pomegranate has. Especially useful to be used to slow down the degeneration of various organs and aging.


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