Coconut oil Amazing value from nature

Coconut Oil (Coconut Oil) is one of the extracts that have been accepted. and is widely used It is also used in the treatment of diseases such as treating burns, constipation, enteritis, oral disinfection, etc. Coconut Oil is an oil obtained from the extraction of coconut meat. by separating only the part of the oil It is divided into two types:

  1. Refined Bleaching Deodorizing Coconut Oil: RBD is an oil obtained from coconut pulp or copra by a solvent extraction process. Through high heat through 3 processes, namely purification (Refining), bleaching (Bleaching) and deodorization. Deodorization results in coconut oil that is pale yellow, odorless, tasteless and contains no more than 0.1% free fatty acids, but the vitamin E in coconut oil is eliminated.
  2. Virgin Coconut Oil or Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a coconut oil that is getting a lot of attention right now. The extraction process does not require high heat and does not undergo chemical processing. The color is clear like water, contains vitamin E, does not undergo the process of adding oxygen. It is low in beroxide, low in fatty acids and has a mild coconut flavor.

Coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids (more than 90% of the total fatty acid content). It is a fatty acid with a medium chain fatty acid that contains up to 63%, such as lauric acid, which when eaten and absorbed into the body. will be burned well Accumulated in adipose tissue and 30% long chain fatty acids, and the remaining 7% are long chain fatty acids, which are essential fatty acids that are beneficial to the body. This is different from the long chain fatty acids found in milk, butter, cheese and all animal fats. that are harmful to health which should be avoided

and with a different structure of fatty acids from coconut oil It has great health benefits. when we eat coconut oil The body will absorb it immediately. and will pass to the liver The liver then converts these fatty acids into ketones. This ketone is a substance that is an important source of energy for the brain. to help restore memory prevent Alzheimer’s disease Plus, the fatty acids from coconut oil will help your thyroid function better. As a result, the fat burning system, especially abdominal fat, works better. thereby helping to prevent coronary heart disease including preventing high blood pressure In addition, a by-product of an increased metabolic rate. Fats and sugars that are stored in the body are burned for energy. helps to reduce sugar levels and reduce the incidence of diabetes In addition, coconut oil helps nourish the skin. Moisturizes skin, nourishes hair, helps kill bacteria. and fungi as well

However, eating “cold pressed coconut oil” should choose a standard product. It is well packed and stored. to maintain the quality of the extract and reduce contamination before we eat into the body and eating cold-pressed coconut oil to aid in weight loss It is recommended to eat together with a proper diet on a daily basis. and exercise regularly