Digestive system

The Miracle of Turmeric Curcumin

Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) important substances Essential oils and curcuminoids. (curcuminiods) yellow-orange substance. according to the prescription of the drug standard textbook State that good turmeric must contain curcuminoids. (curcuminiods) not less than 5% (w/w) and essential oils not less than 6% (v/w) or when we look to the naked eye, good turmeric should be dark. The darker the orange, the more it is almost red, the more important the substance. essential oils and curcuminoids (curcuminiods) yellow-orange substance. which consists of Curcumin, one of the main active ingredients of turmeric. It is considered a powerful antioxidant group. and essential oils that contain important substances such as Sesquiterpine (Sesquiterpenes) that consist of Ah-Termerone (ar-turmerone), alpha-termerone (alpha-turmerone) and beta-termerone (Beta-turmerone) with small molecules that can be passed into the bloodstream and brain, and also help deliver oxygen ...
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6 Warning signs of “acid reflux”

Abdominal distension and flatulence Symptoms will be similar to those of gastroenteritis This is owing to the esophageal sphincter’s inability to completely seal. When the esophagus must be constricted to allow food to pass from the stomach to the small intestine. Bloating and abdominal distension are caused by the back of food entering the esophagus, both in the abdomen and the chest cavity. A sour burp, or a sour or bitter liquid, emerges from the throat. They usually appear after eating a heavy meal. Difficulty swallowing or a sore throat when swallowing Acid reflux causes the neck muscles to come into contact. triggering muscular contractions Chest pain like there’s something stuck in throat. Acid reflux causes pain in the chest cavity, which is caused by acid reflux up the esophagus. They activate the esophageal nerves ...
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