Cordyceps, the secret of the emperor’s tonic

It is well known for “Cordyceps” (Cordyceps) or “Grass worms”, a Chinese herb of excellent quality. with many top features in terms of health care It is regarded as a Chinese herb with medicinal properties discovered by ancient Chinese physicians and used for treatment. as well as offerings to the emperor and the royal family until it has been accepted for centuries At present, Thai people call “Cord chao” as “grass worm”. It has properties that help stimulate the functioning of the immune system. Stimulate the function of white blood cells that are like the body’s first-class soldiers or called natural killer cells that have the ability to kill viruses. and cancer cells maintain kidney function Helps reduce blood sugar levels increase oxygen in the blood circulation help antioxidant It also helps to enhance sexual ...
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Yod Racha Herbs restore performance and increase physical energy.

Current health problems that cause concern reduce the confidence of both men and lady is a condition in which the body has erectile dysfunction Or if it happens to a man, it is called an erectile dysfunction: a state of insufficient erection of the penis) and if it happens to a woman, it will result in various disturbing symptoms such as pain while having fuck (Dyspareunia) can be considered a condition in which the body is erectile dysfunction. It is like a warning sign of an abnormality that may begin in the cardiovascular system. Because during the sexual mood The body relies on good blood flow to pump blood to the penis for it to be ready for use. Therefore, the decreased sexual performance does not indicate a specific problem. But it expresses the imbalance ...
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Bull Cap

Korean Ginseng Extract “King of Herbs To the secret to increase male power” Korean ginseng helps to stimulate sexual performance. with a medicinal effect that has a warming effect Therefore, it helps the blood circulation and the pumping is sent to the various organs of the body better. In a study of 45 patients with erectile dysfunction, a study in which patients took 900 mg of ginseng three times daily for two months found that it could significantly improve sexual performance. statistical significance There are also additional research studies that The constituents of ginseng are structurally similar to testosterone. “Phytroandrogens” can make ginseng to increase testosterone. and has a significant effect on improving sexual performance Cordyceps Extract “The ultimate herb. that men should not be overlooked.” There is a research report in people of Cordyceps ...
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