Bull Cap

Korean Ginseng Extract “King of Herbs To the secret to increase male power”
Korean ginseng helps to stimulate sexual performance. with a medicinal effect that has a warming effect Therefore, it helps the blood circulation and the pumping is sent to the various organs of the body better.

In a study of 45 patients with erectile dysfunction, a study in which patients took 900 mg of ginseng three times daily for two months found that it could significantly improve sexual performance. statistical significance
There are also additional research studies that The constituents of ginseng are structurally similar to testosterone. “Phytroandrogens” can make ginseng to increase testosterone. and has a significant effect on improving sexual performance

Cordyceps Extract “The ultimate herb. that men should not be overlooked.”
There is a research report in people of Cordyceps to stimulate erectile dysfunction. It was found that 22 men used cordyceps as a dietary supplement. It was found that it can increase the number of sperm in the sperm by up to 33% and also has a reduction in the amount of abnormal sperm by up to 29%. And one study in both men and women. In 189 men with reduced sexual desire, cordyceps were found to improve symptoms and sexual desire by 66%, and research suggests that taking cordyceps helps protect and aid in continuing functioning. adrenal Hormones from the thymus gland And the number of fertilized sperm increases by 300% and increases a woman’s sexual desire by 86%.

For this reason, THP has brought together two of the best Kings of Herbs into “Bull Cap Gold” with ginseng extract. ) up to 400 milligrams and contains 290 milligrams of cordyceps extract, resulting in the essence of both “ginseng” and “cordyceps” to fully restore and enhance sexual performance. and also contains vitamin E It is one of the components that will help prevent hemolysis of red blood cells. Helps absorb free radicals that are the main cause of cell or tissue damage. In addition, vitamin E also helps prevent important substances from ginseng and cordyceps. Not to be destroyed by acids or chemicals in the stomach. This makes eating these two herbs have the most beneficial effect on the body.