Bone and joint maintenance

ฺBone and joint maintenance

As we get older Many people face problems with their bones and joints. Until sometimes I want to go back to when I was young or working age to get fit and nourish the body to the fullest early. so that there will be no problems later. Too much money can’t buy good health when it’s too late.

Symptoms such as

  1. Knee osteoarthritis The fluid in the knee is reduced. cause friction

  2. osteoporosis less bone density to brittle bones
  3. thinning of the bones density and mass of bones less but not to the point of osteoporosis.

How to nourish bones and joints

Under normal circumstances, natural food If we consume enough can prevent disease but in the elderly The body may stop or produce less vital substances. therefore need to supplement more food substitutes

  • Eat foods high in calcium. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium. Elderly people will need more calcium.
  • If overweight Try to exercise regularly to lose weight.
  • Nutrients with high antioxidant activity such as beta-carotene, bioflavonoids
  • Deep sea seafood with Omega 3, Collagen


Why should I take calcium from a young age?

Our bodies in the age of 30-35 years, the bone will be created and accumulated maximum. But after that the rate of decay is greater than that of generation. This is the reason why we need calcium from a young age. Therefore, the age before entering the age of 30-35 years is a good time. that we will eat foods rich in calcium to accumulate bone mass and slow down the breakdown of bone prevent osteoporosis or the risk of various serious diseases after the age of 35 A study by The American College of Nutrition found that calcium doesn’t just protect us from bone disease. but can help prevent and relieve symptoms from various diseases such as can reduce various unpleasant symptoms before menstruation Premenstrual syndrome, such as headache, easy irritability, poor appetite, bloating, ...
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