About Us

THP Herbal Wellness Center

Thai Health Products Co., Ltd. (THP) is a food supplement company. Focus on health both domestically and internationally since 2011. In addition, our product care specialists have been trained. enhance knowledge and develop relevant technologies effectively which will help you gain knowledge and answer questions about the product including more efficient service

Our company is committed to delivering quality products. with continuous development and quality control which will make the product And customer service is of international standards. All of our products have passed the international standards Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Halal Thailand.


Better health to Happy life : better health for a happy life
We will develop the brand to be widely known and reliable in terms of product presentation and modern services in the most efficient way for customers


1. Maintaining the quality of products, services and management at an international level
2. Constantly researching and developing innovations in health and medicine with a commitment to provide accurate and prompt services to meet the needs of customers. and direct medical emergencies
3. Product development and services that are accessible to most people
4. Enhancing morality and ethical professionalism of personnel including expertise and subconscious in service which will build confidence and satisfaction to customers